Many companies that dispose of large volumes of general waste are seeing their waste costs increase; this is mainly down to the frequency of skip lifts being carried out.


CHC’s recommended corrective action would be to evaluate your general waste tonnages, the contents of the waste stream and what space you have on site. By installing a general waste compactor, with a compaction for of an estimated 4:1 this machine would reduce your costs due to a decrease in the number of lifts taking place; you would also dramatically reduce your company’s Carbon Foot Print. With the high tech security measures implemented within the general waste compactor you would also improve your Health and Safety.


Compactors can be supplied bespoke and are available in Static or Portable models.

After Sales 

CHC have experienced engineers located throughout the UK. In the instance of a breakdown our national coverage enables us to be prompt and offer a quick response time to avoid extended downtime.


We strongly recommend that all machines supplied by CHC are serviced 3 times per annum. This will ensure that the machines are maintained and will operate efficiently with maximum performance. Annual service contracts are offered on machines installed by CHC and to any other models on site pending assessment.