Pallets / Wood Recycling

CHC offer a collection service for all your unwanted pallets. Due to our independence we are able to pay top rates throughout the UK for all grades of pallets including the following;


Grade 1 Euros                      Grade A Perimeter Base

Grade 2 Euros                      Grade B Perimeter Base

Stamped Euros                    Grade C Perimeter Base

Medium Euros                     Broken Pallets

Lightweight Euros               Scrap Pallets

The above pallets can be collected within combined loads and are collected either by a vehicle or we can offer a stand trailer. The stand trailer will ensure that the pallets are stacked and stored safely; this will then be exchanged when required.


In addition to pallet recycling, CHC are able to offer various size skips ranging from (8 – 40 cu yd) for all you broken pallets and scrap wood. Our skips can be supplied and serviced on a schedule or Ad Hoc basis dependant on what you require.


What happens to my scrap pallets / wood?

All scrap is diverted from Landfill and is chipped for bedding or sent for bio fuels.