Baled / Loose Cardboard
Through our UK based and overseas contacts CHC are able to offer you top rebates for your baled cardboard. We routinely recycle full loads of Mill Sized cardboard circa 20 tonne plus loads but are happy to collect smaller loads dependant on your requirements.

We are able to advise on best methods of segregation to maximise revenue for your site, offering you a range of segregation containers (Consumables) and baling presses (balers) to ensure all your recycling requirements are met.

Many clients we have worked within in the first instance were paying to dispose of their cardboard. CHC attended site, assessed the waste volumes, implemented an internal segregation system and installed a baling press, this then enabled site to bale their cardboard and turn their material from a cost into substantial revenue.

Loose Cardboard
If you don’t have storage space for one of our baling presses, we offer various sized containers / skips to store loose cardboard, these can then be lifted on a schedule to suit you.

In additional to skips and containers CHC are able to offer a waste Compactor, this will enable you to compact the cardboard, cut transport costs and improve site’s carbon footprint.  

CHC are still able to pay top rates for all cardboard collected by CHC.


CHC are able to recycle various grades of paper i.e. Newspaper, Office Paper,  Promotional and Magazines, Graphic Paper, Mixed Papers to name but a few.  

If you have significant volumes CHC are able to offer various waste reduction equipment to assist in reaching the maximum rebates. Collections can be made either as individual or mixed loads dependant on quantity.

If volumes are low, we offer a range of waste collection containers; these can then be emptied when required.